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This year the City is releasing stories detailing Richardson’s past.

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There will be various event opportunites throughout the Celebration.

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150th Sesquicentennial Celebration

June 24th, 2023

150 Year History Of Richardson

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Richardson 150th Ice-Cream Contest

For the last week people have been stopping by Tongue In Cheek to vote for the ice-cream that best represents Richardson, as part of the City’s 150th anniversary celebration. The fun contest began on social media page with people...

History of the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival

History of the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival

For more than three decades, the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival has been a staple on the Richardson community events calendar. Wildflower! has brought numerous music legends to Richardson, including this year’s event, which is being headlined by 2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Joan Jett and The Blackhearts.

History of the Richardson Public Library

History of the Richardson Public Library

Libraries are the center of learning for a community. From children to adults, libraries offer something for everyone.
Richardson residents have had access to a public library since 1944, when the Dallas County Library opened a 400-volume Richardson Branch inside the Richardson Hardware store.

Street and Place Names Help Remember the Past

Street and Place Names Help Remember the Past

One way to ensure the past is not forgotten is to name things after the people who came before. That is certainly the case in Richardson, where many roads and parks are named after Richardson’s earliest settlers, some of whom still have descendants who live in Richardson to this day.


In the 1840s, settlers from Tennessee and Kentucky began arriving in the Richardson area, which was inhabited by Comanche and Caddo Indian tribes. Several of the earliest families clustered around an area later named Breckinridge. The town was situated near what is now Richland College and consisted of a general store, a blacksmith shop and the Floyd Inn.

After the Civil War, the railroad bypassed Breckinridge, and an area to the northwest of Breckinridge became the new center of activity. Bernard Reilly and William J. Wheeler provided land for the town site and railroad right-of-way. The town was named for A.S. Richardson, the secretary of the Houston & Texas Central Railway.

Richardson was founded in 1873 and was generally situated between present-day Greer and Phillips streets on the north and south, and between Central Expressway and Greenville Avenue on the west and east, although a small segment did lie west of Central Expressway’s present alignment. Originally, there were three businesses: a general store, a post office and a drug store…